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The dress of a person gives a sketch of his or her personality. The perfect corporate work place wear of a person plays a very important role in the modern-day workplace. It actually reflects the style and passion which you keep for the work. Just as the saying “A healthy mind leads to a healthy body’, a proper etiquette of dressing provides a clear view to the people around you and the perfectness and passion which you reflect in the work.


Corporate Wear For Women  

Here are a few tips on how one can maintain a proper professional look:-

  • Appropriateness: Make sure that the dress you are wearing is appropriate for your kind of job.
  • Proper Fitting: Ensure wearing clothes which are neither too large nor too small. A perfect size dress will provide you a perfect look.
  • Doing Hair: It is one the basic yet an important point of corporate work wear that the hair should be done neatly and not drip with too much oil or fly across the face. Neatly tied hairs reflect that the life is well sorted and so is your career.
  • Perfumes: Make sure that too strong perfume is not used because at an office, there are different people who may or may not like the smell. So, maintain using a medium fragrance perfume.
  • Shoes: Cleaned and well-maintained shoe reflects your dignity. It has been confirmed by a survey that 7/10 people pay attention to the shoes of a person first and then his overall personality. So, make sure wearing well polish shoes.
  •  Colours: Avoid wearing too bright colors in the workplace. Instead, choose to wear rich colours as they have a stronger impression than the lighter ones.

These were some basic rules which people need to follow. 




However, here are a few more special tips for a better look at corporate wear for women:-

  • Don’t wear too bold dresses because they provide a very inaccurate impression.
  • Ensure maintaining yourself by visiting the salon on a regular basis.
  • Pay special attention to the accessories you are using. They should be making too much of noise resulting top distractions or too over for wearing in a work place. Maintain a simple yet classy look.


Corporate Wear For Mens 


Here are a few tips for a healthy look for men at their workplace:-

  • Avoid wearing ankle socks which will reveal your legs when you sit cross-legged.
  • The facial hair should not make you look untidy. Ensure visiting the salon on a regular basis for having a good haircut and trimmed beard.     
  • Avoid goatee for a more impactful professional look.

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